The virtual event that sparked new friendships


In Summary

General | 5th June 2020
Dinner with Strangers aimed to bring people together during a time of separation. Not only did it do just that, but it ignited new friendships across the entire region.

In Detail

From an opera singer and a school teacher, to a police constable and birth doula, here’s what happened when 44 strangers from different backgrounds met virtually for the first time.

The evening kicked off with an exclusive recording of “Coming Together in the Name of Love” a song written and beautifully performed by Birmingham-based artist Namywa.

Next, we paired everyone together and left them to chat the night away.

Sandra, 71 and from Dudley, told her inspiring story of surviving coronavirus: “I contracted Covid-19 after a shift at the hospital where I work as a volunteer. While I was in hospital, my family called me every day in tears. They didn’t think I was going to make it. But after a difficult few weeks, I’m really looking forward to getting back to my favourite hobbies – belly dancing, Zumba and even watching Mr Motivator!”

Many others shared their unique experiences of the past few months, which included volunteering, DIY haircuts and a postponed wedding.

Fast-forward two hours and, despite their differences, new friendships had blossomed. Emails were exchanged, Instagram accounts had new followers and some had even made plans to meet up once lockdown lifts.

Dinner with Strangers did more than bring people together. As Kirandeep from Oldbury put it, “It was an amazing way to meet new people, make friends, and learn about the people who make Birmingham!”.

Special guests from Team England also took part in Dinner with Strangers. To see what they got up to, check our blog post.

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