Free Carbon Literacy Training Opportunity


In Summary

General | 3rd September 2022
Want to know more about the role you can play in the climate and nature crisis?

In Detail

Are you hearing messages about climate change, but not sure what you need to know? Want to make a difference, but not sure where to start?

Climate Change can be an overwhelming topic but we all have an important role to play, and informing yourself is such an important first step.

As part of our work with the West Midlands Combined Authority, the Games are making an accredited Carbon Literacy training course available to you, to empower you to go on from the Games to make positive change.

You’ll learn about the science behind climate change, how it’s affecting both the world and your region, how you can influence others to drive action and what you can do personally.

On completion of the course – you’ll receive accreditation as formally carbon literate (or you can just dip in and learn more about the parts that interest you the most!)

The course is now available! Start your Carbon Literacy journey.