Development of Alexander Stadium

In December 2017 the Commonwealth Games Federation announced Birmingham as the host city for the Commonwealth Games 2022.

A key component of the successful bid and therefore the games programme will be the development of Alexander Stadium. Based in Perry Barr, the Stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies along with the athletics competition, the blue riband event of the Games. Alexander Stadium currently consists of 12,700 permanent seats housed in four stands.

The Back Straight Stand built in 2011 with a capacity of 5,000 will remain for the games period. The remaining three stands (Knowles, Main & Nelson) will be demolished and rebuilt for the games.

The construction of a new stand will increase the permanent capacity post games to 20,000. For the games period, temporary structures will be put in to create a 40,000 seat stadium for the opening, closing ceremonies and athletics competition.

In addition, to the construction of a new stand, a 400m, six-lane outdoor practice running track will be permanently housed at the High Performance Centre on site and will form part of the legacy of the games.

Opportunities for this project will be live early-2019.